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Gold Pulls is a collaboration between Taylor Englert (of Mayeux & Broussard), Wade Josey (of Regal Arbor at Great Hills), and myself. Quickly after the release of Animal, I found myself with nearly enough material written for a new album. I enlisted the help of Taylor (drums) & Wade (keys) to hash out the songs & work up another record. We spent 3 days at the Texas coast cutting demos & drinking a shit-ton of beers, and we're all extremely happy with the way the songs shaped up. The album will be released under the name Gold Pulls & will be titled Smoothing Fur. Once again, John Ross Silva will serve as producer & engineer. Cody Foote will handle bass duties, and hopefully Scott Davis will grace us with his presence. 

The album is slated to release before the new year, but who knows. I'm also hard at work on the material for a new album, under my own name, titled Fresh Legs. It's about halfway written, and you'll probably hear more on that later - like in 2017. I'm trying to keep as many irons in the fire as I can. See y'all soon.

Latest release - ANIMAL - out now