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Dropping Lines

Chris King

Hey folks. Just wanted to drop a line & let everyone know what's been going on with me & musics.

We've now tracked the majority of the Gold Pulls album. I have no idea when it's going to come out, but it'll be before summer. I'm not going to yammer on & on & on about it in advance of its release. I'll announce it on a Monday & it'll come out on a Friday. I might do some kind of thing where I give folks an advance listen to it, and I think it'll debut on a music blog a lot of you are familiar with. And that's about it for that. We're tracking guitars right now, and as there aren't any solos on the record, I'm handling all that myself. After that, Wade Josey is going to slather some synth on it.

I'm also about 3/4 of the way through another set of songs that I've been working on for a while. I have no idea which way I'm going to go with them or what it's going to sound like. I'm trying out a bunch of stuff & a lot of it isn't working. But it's taking me down some interesting routes, and that's what music's always been about for me. At any rate, I'm hoping that I can get that out in 2017 as well. Wish me luck. Hope you're all well. Feel free to drop a line back anytime. It goes straight to me. Sorry for any typos. I type fast and don't care.


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