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My name is Chris King. I've been writing/performing/recording for about 8 years now. I've put out a few albums that I really believe in, and I'm at a stage in my career where I'm looking to take another step towards my goals as a writer/musician. I'm searching for someone who might be interested in working with me in some type of management capacity. This is new to me, so I'm unsure as to how to approach it.

I've always managed myself because I never felt quite confident that I was in a place (or developed enough as an artist) to need/require the help of someone else. But after spinning my wheels for a couple years now, I realize that it would be helpful for me to have someone in my corner who believes in my work & where I'd like to take it. I want my music to constantly evolve. I believe that if you aren't pushing forward with your art & trying new things, you might as well stop. I'm looking for people who feel the same. I created this page within my site to explain the type of person I am, what I've done, and where I want to go. 

First, I'll give you a very quick rundown about myself & what I've done:

I'm from rural south Texas. I grew up in a town of exactly 1,002 people. I got out of there, went to college, got out of there, and spent 6 years working full-time as a high school teacher back in rural south Texas. During those 6 years, I self-financed & released 2 EPs & my first full-length album, titled 1983. I quit teaching in 2014, got a part-time job refinishing furniture in Austin, & released my second full-length album, Animal, this past spring. My first EP was awful. I found my legs on my second EP. My full-length debut got me some pretty good regional/local airplay on Americana/country stations around Texas. My last album was a departure from some of my more country leanings & a step towards a more rock & roll sound. My music will always have some tinges of Americana & country - that's all I was raised on. But I want to continue pushing forward & exploring with my songwriting.

What I've been working on & where I want to go:

The first thing in my pipeline is an album (9 songs) I just finished cutting demos for with a couple good friends. Those songs are ready to be cut in the studio & will probably be released under a band named Gold Pulls. I have another separate batch of songs (10 songs) that will be released under my name that will be more stripped back than some previous stuff. The last thing is a true concept album (9 songs) that contains narrative songs, a linear storyline, musical interludes, etc. I believe strongly in all of these projects. I have access to a professional recording studio (where I've cut all my records). I would like to handle the cost of recording them, then pass them on to someone for production & marketing. My strong suit is creating. I'm looking for a platform that allows me to focus on that, while helping to guide me in decisions about my career, booking, releases, etc. I'd like to tour more than I do now. I'd like to go out of state some more & I'd like to go to Europe. 

That was way more words that I ever intended to have on this page, and I'm sure it's riddled with typos. If any of it interests you, feel free to contact me. Some of my work can be found below. Thanks a ton for your time, I'm certain you're busy.  /  830.480.4669